FI Trade Academy

We support everyone with a fun and easy education system that is systemized for successful start-ups.

Operation Education


Open Theory Education (3 days)

Cooking Education (5 days)

Cooking Education (5 days)

On-Site Practice (6 days)

On-Site Practice (6 days)

※ The program may change depending on the local sutuation.

On-Site Education Program for Sales Growth

Self-Employment Sales Innovation Seminar


For ordinary self-employed people, who are not familiar with business, CEO Chul-Yoon Kim delivers a free education system to increase sales. (inviting professional instructors/ 5~6 times a year)

  1. Education Target
    People who want to start a business or change industries, office workers, self-employed people, and those who are worried about slow sales growth
  2. Education Purpose
    To motivate through understanding and considering business.
    Grow business experts by designing goals and visions for re-recognition of the role of self-employed people and securing competitiveness.
  3. Content of Education
    Now, self-employed people also have to study to survive. Anyone can succeed after grasping the concept of business and understanding its basics.

To strengthen the competitiveness of merchants,
we re-recognize the role of franchise owners and seek and support various practical methods.

Family Leaders Forum


Applied to all
Fun&I Brands


Quarterly awarding of excellent franchisee for motivation


Delivery of social issues


Introduction of excellent franchisee


Franchisee awarding, etc.

Online education is a simple system that can be viewed anywhere, anytime.

Online Education

All contents about running a business is made and provided online

“Best Example of Customer Reception” through Kakao Talk

"Applicants & New Menu & Merchant Excellent Cases & YouTube Production" for all brands

Fun&I awards the best franchisee every year to motivate all brands’ franchisees

Example of excellent franchisee