CI Introduction

The following is the corporate identity of Fun & I Group that reflects the company's core values and corporate philosophy.

Corporate Identity CI Introduction

Basic CI

  • Represents the spirit of Fun & I, which is based on our customer-oriented mind and FUN management, and taking the lead in providing better service and meeting the needs of customers.
  • The letter ‘I’ of Un & I represents Impression.
fun & i CI


  • The emblem is derived from CI elements, to represent FUN management of Fun & I.


  • Blue color is used to deliver the meaning of responsibility, trust and communication.
  • White color is used to deliver the meaning of tolerance, Integrity and harmony.

Pantone / WHITE

rgb(255, 255, 255)

Pantone / PMS PMS 19-4050 TCX

rgb(0, 70, 148)

Pantone / PMS 294 C

rgb(0, 43, 105)