Premium beer cafe, Fun BeerKing!

Brand COncept


The message of our brand is “to live a FUN life”
And with the combination of the most popular alcohol “beer”
we wanted to let our customer be the King of having fun,
which added up to make the brand “Fun BeerKing”


  1. Everyday fun, fun, fun BeerKing!
  2. We now enjoy our Beer in a cafe
  3. Premium beer cafe, No.1 brand “Fun BeerKing”

We were the world’s first and only brand to develop our own broadcasting station to deliver our brand news 24 hours.
What we provide is not limited to simple food, but is combined with a joy of attraction and number of events, new menus, and special day promotions on various marketing channels.

We provide both beer and soju in a appropriate proportion, plus famous beer of popular brands are also prepared to meet demands of both public and specific demands. As appetizers of alcohol, chicken is served as the most publicly popular and menu that can be enjoyed in a luxurious atmosphere and at a reasonable price.
Half and half chicken, a menu that has been receiving explosive responses recently, is a Fun BeerKing’s self developed menu to give higher satisfaction to our customers. Aside from this, Fun BeerKing menu is arranged to provide the best menu at all time! :))

Our BI and ID are both based on Nordic motifs and are mixed with modern feeling to create a dignifying and sophisticated design.

Beer cafe, “Fun BeerKing” proclaims “the right of customers” to achieve Everyday fun fun fun, and all customers visiting Fun BeerKing has the right to enjoy the BEST menu with the BEST service in the BEST atmosphere of our store. We also proclaim that all our customers have the right to be provided with various attractions and entertainments

Fun BeerKing, to pursue the aim of becoming the Apple of the franchise business, will continue to develop and register patents of various unique products to dominate the world market with strong competitiveness as the world’s no.1 premium beer cafe.

With Fun BeerKing’s 2 part & 3 part system, challenge yourself to over 20 million KRW of net profit!

3 Part Operation System

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3 Part
Multi-Operation System

Day shift + Night shift


Night shift


Full of high-quality menus and amazing looks, Fun BeerKing

50 types of FUN flavor! Fun BeerKing, a pub restaurant with various flavors that bring joy, is continuously receiving a lot of attention from our customers with our luxurious cafe-like interior and self-developed unique menu plating.


Fun BeerKing’s Lunch Brand, Luxurious Lunch

A lunch brand in Fun BeerKing brand, Luxurious Lunch, has elegant menus, such as pork cutlet, deopbap, and pasta, to provide
you with one and only special lunch time.

3 non-negotiable principles, Fun BeerKing Home Delivery

[Best quality, Healthy ingredients, Perfect hygiene]
‘Exact same’ quality of menus in the store is delivered to our customers.

Revenue & Profit Examples in 2 Part Operation System: Fun BeerKing + Home Delivery

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Currency: Korean Won(KRW)


Fun BeerKing

Luxurious Lunch


revenue 40,000,000 30,000,000 70,000,000
business profits 10,500,000 5,000,000 15,500,000

Revenue & Profit Examples in 3 Part Operation System: Fun BeerKing + Home Delivery + Luxurious Lunch

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Currency: Korean Won(KRW)


Fun BeerKing

Home Delivery

Luxurious Lunch


revenue 40,000,000 30,000,000 18,000,000 88,000,000
business profits 10,500,000 5,000,000 5,800,000 21,300,00

This is the actual delivery container developed by the HQ.

FunBeerKing delivery all

The exact quality of menu in the store, delivered to the customer

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3 non-negotiable principles

Best quality Healthy ingredients Perfect hygiene

From franchisee consulting to follow-up management service, we have a systematic process to help you open up a store.

Opening Procedure


Franchisee consulting

  • Personalized consultation and start-up design with a professional consultant


Store development and business district survey

  • Selection of optimal location to suit the start-up funds


Franchisee contract

  • Fair transaction of franchisee contract 
  • Signing of a franchisee contract in accordance with justice of law


Interior design and construction

  • Supervision of floor plan, interior design
  • sign board construction
  • various licensing tasks


Interior construction

  • Interior construction process to suit the concept of Fun BeerKing


Operation training of franchisee owners and workers

  • Practical and theoretical training on store operation and cooking, reception service, store experience, etc.


Final rehearsal and Opening

  • Warehousing of initial goods for store operation


Opening of the store and follow-up management

  • Grand Opening

Enjoy your time with your precious people even more!! Meet a variety of menus made with FunBeerKing's own recipe.

Main Dishes